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Sergey Gimelshein is an eminent scientist, actively working in the field of mathematical modeling, molecular gas dynamics, and physics of non-equilibrium and rarefied gas flows. He made important contributions to the development of numerical methods of non-equilibrium gas dynamics and their applications to academic and applied problems. He and his team obtained important results in computational fluid dynamic and hypersonic aerodynamics, statistical simulation of rarefied and near-continuum gas flows with real gas effects, kinetic models and numerical algorithms for modeling non-equilibrium chemical processes, laminar separated flows, shock wave reflection phenomena, two-phase flows, laser-matter interaction, plume interactions and satellite surface contamination, as well conventional, micro-, and electric propulsion. The list of Sergey Gimelshein's publications consists of more than 200 papers (27 publications in peer-reviewed journals for the last five years).

Sergey Gimelshein graduated from Novosibirsk State Technical University in 1988. Currently he holds the position of Research Associate Professor of Astronautics in the University of Southern California, USA.

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Sphere of scientific interests:

Computational fluid dynamic and hypersonic aerodynamics
Statistical simulation of rarefied and near-continuum gas flow with real gas effects
Development of new models and algorithms for the DSMC method
Laminar separated flows
Shock wave reflection phenomena
Plume flows
Plume interactions and surface contamination
Low-speed MEMS flows and flows in micronozzle
Kinetic gas theory
Physics of molecular energy transfer
Chemical reactions in gas phase and on the surface
Upper atmosphere radiation processes