Final program of the Workshop


Sergey Gimelshein

In Memoriam of Mikhail Ivanov

Deborah Levin

Nonequilibrium flows from the perspective of particle approaches

Alexey Rebrov

Nonequilibrium hydrogen flow in a cylindrical channel: dissociation and expansion into vacuum

Yuriy Gorbachev

On the entangling of the reaction and relaxation processes in chemical gasdynamics

Domenico Bruno

CT-DSMC calculation of oxygen transport properties on a non-vibrating O4 potential energy surface

Mikhail Anolik

Aerodynamical characteristics for rough bodies in rarefied gas

Vladimir Levashov

Radiation of argon plasma behind the front of strong shock wave

Zonglin Jiang

Near-orbital speed flow generation and its visualization

Thierry Magin

Nonequilibrium flow models consistent from kinetic to hydrodynamic scale

Elena Kustova

On the limits of applicability for Landau-Teller model

Elena Kustova

Heat transfer in strongly non-equilibrium rarefied flows

Alexandra Molchanova

Detailed DSMC modeling of surface catalytic chemical processes in air

Georgiy Shoev

CFD modeling of non-equilibrium flows with vibrational relaxation and dissociation

Yen-Sen Chen

Reentry flow simulations in CubeSat design applications

Alexander Lutsky

Simulation of supersonic flows in the wing wake and its interaction with crossing shock waves

Alexander Fedorov Structure and stability of shock waves in a gas-particle mixture with two pressures
Andrey Shevchenko

Experimental investigation of vortex wake / crossing shock waves interaction

Alexey Medvedev

Modeling of the flow structure in a λ-shaped pseudoshock

Sergey Gavrenkov Fundamental results of investigation of configuration with negative angle of reflection in steady supersonic gas flow
Hans Hornung

Oblique shock reflection at an axis of symmetry in steady and pseudosteady flow

Anatoliy Kharitonov

Experimental investigations of transition between regular and Mach reflection in ITAM wind tunnels initiated by M. Ivanov

Alexey Kudryavtsev

Hysteresis phenomenon at reflection of steady shock waves: 20 years after discovery

Yuriy Gounko

Axisymmetric supersonic flow patterns with Mach disk in convergent conical ducts and in over-expanded jets

Quanhua Sun

Investigation of hypersonic flow over a flat plate in the entire flow regime

Elena Shkarupa

Evaluation of the DSMC statistical error: generalization of approaches and understandable practical recommendations

Ming-Chung Lo

Parallel DSMC simulations of hypersonic reactive rarefied flow

Alina Alexeenko

Exploring and exploiting rarefied flows for novel microdevices

Sergey Gimelshein

Continuing to challenge DSMC through experiments: negative thermophoresis

Shigeru Yonemura A study on molecular gas lubrication of a micro/nanoscale textured surface
Mikhail Plotnikov

The rarefied gas flow through a grid of cylinders

Maksim Timokhin

Numerical modeling of gas micro-pumps with R13 equations

Vladimir Titarev

Recent progress in development of numerical methods for model kinetic equations

Vyacheslav Belyi

A new model kinetic equation

Sergey Zabelok

A deterministic method of solving the full Boltzmann equation for 1D flows

Masaaki Tsukamoto

Molecular-kinetic approach to complicated or difficult gas-flow problems

Ewgenij Malkov

Deterministic schemes for the numerical solution of the Boltzmann equation

Mikhail Shneider

Dielectric fluid in inhomogeneous pulsed electric fields

Irina Schweigert

Breakdown development in helium in high voltage open discharge with subnanosecond current front

Alexander Fedoseev

Dusty plasma voids in a stratified DC glow discharge

Gennadi Sukhinin

Dissipative dust solitons in reactive plasma of a spherical glow discharge

Alexander Kosinov

To the effect of the incident weak waves on the pulsations in supersonic boundary layer

Pavel Polivanov

Transition effect on the shock wave / boundary layer interaction region and the wake at low supersonic Mach number

Valeriy Zapryagaev

Flow structure feature near the reattached region of a supersonic separated flow

Sergey Morozov

Experimental studying the effect of porous coatings of different lengths on second-mode disturbances in a hypersonic boundary layer of sharp and blunted cones

Stanislav Kirilovskiy

Numerical simulation of a thermally perfect non-equilibrium gas in a wind tunnel

Vladimir Saveliev

Quasiparticle pairs in Boltzmann kinetic theory

Hans Babovsky

Rotation invariant kinetic models on integer grids

Yuriy Grigoriev

Group analysis of the spatially homogeneous and isotropic Boltzmann equation with source using its Fourier image

Vladimir Titarev

Numerical simulation of pulsed evaporation into vacuum

Vladimir Levashov

Evaporation-condensation problem: kinetics approach and molecular dynamics

Petr Skovorodko

Continuum regions of the flow in the evaporation-condensation problems

Alexander Zarvin

Features of formation of strongly underexpanded supersonic jets in conditions of clustering

Tatyana Poplavskaya

Control of disturbances in a shock layer on a flat plate in a vibrational excited gas flow

Maria Mekhonoshina

Improvement of Eucken correction for high-temperature gases

Vladimir Yakovlev Energy exchange mechanisms behind ionizing shock waves in atomic gas: the physical model
Martin Spel

Numerical investigations of flow control using energy deposition

Anna Kalinina

Criterion analysis of transonic and supersonic flow at near-surface energy supply and stationary wave shock

Vladimir Gasenko

Experimental measurements of phase velocity in gas-liquid mixture by Fourier method with frequency swapping

Alexey Shmakov

Problems and features of cluster-ion beam surface treatment

Andrey Krylov

On orbit contaminant deposition measurements on Russian orbital stations and on the Russian segment of the International Space Station

Alexander Kashkovsky

Numerical simulation of the flow behind molecular screen of "OKA-T" spacecraft

Alexey Morozov

Analytical formula for interpretation of time-of-flight distributions for neutral particles under pulsed laser evaporation

Marina Mironova

Direct Monte Carlo simulation of cloud expansion under pulsed evaporation of binary substance

Sergey Chekmarev

“Hydrodynamics” of protein folding and turbulent phenomena

Vitaly Khudozhitkov The equipment and methods of product registration of plasma-chemical reactions in the gas flow
Igor Kulikov

A new hydrodynamic model for numerical simulation of stars and dark matter in interacting galaxies by means hybrid supercomputers